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Miami Beach view

29 Apr General Information

Currency The unit of currency used throughout the States is the US dollar which is divided into one hundred cents. The bills are in denominations of $1, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 and each of these is green in colour depicting a different former US...

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Miami Beach nightlife

29 Apr Miami Entertainment

In a city with so much to offer its guests, it goes without saying that the nightlife in Miami is pretty impressive. Like the restaurant scene, the influence of so many different cultures on the music and entertainment in the city means that it is...

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Miami Beach Española Way

29 Apr Sightseeing in Miami

While Miami is quite a sprawling city, there are a number of certain neighbourhoods which particularly appeal to tourists. Little Havana and Little Haiti are two such regions where you will literally feel like you have been transported to another country during your time there....

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Miami Beach Bus on South Beach

29 Apr Public Transportation

Getting There! Those of you travelling to the city by air will arrive in Miami International which is about seven miles northwest of downtown. The #7 bus runs directly into downtown while others also make some stops in this region. As well as this there is...

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Miami Downtown view

29 Apr About Miami

Miami’s position as a major US tourist resort didn’t really come about until 1884 when an English couple, Charles and Iabella Peacock, opened their first hotel. But, while they may have built the first hotel in the region the person given most credit for Miami’s...

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